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Celebrating International Nurses Day at Simblija Care Home

11 May 2020

The World Health Organization has designated this year as ‘The year of the Nurse  & Midwife’ in honour of the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. However, between the 6th and 12th May of every year we celebrate the International Nurses Week to honour nurses for their outstanding service to the community. The International Nurses Day is celebrated annually all over the world on May 12th, the day Florence Nightingale was born.

Nightingale used innovation and data to change patient care, improve health outcomes and professionalise nursing. Her legacy inspires and motivates nurses around the world including our own superheroes on lockdown at Simblija Care Home at a time when the sacrifices and efforts of frontline healthcare workers are praised by everyone both locally and abroad.

The promise of Nurses to provide and advocate for safe, quality care for all patients and community has certainly been brought in the spotlight especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the sacrifices our Nurses and Carers together with other staff who have willingly accepted to stay on lockdown to protect our vulnerable residents at the expense of being away from their families, cannot go unnoticed.

All nurses and carers within AX Care were handed with a special token to acknowledge their dedication and effort during this delicate time and to commemorate the International Nurses Day. Charmaine Montesin, General Manager at AX Care claims “To be a nurse is to have the privilege to care for people when they are the most vulnerable. We accompany patients and their relatives through their life stories, at times when they need us the most. We care for them, cry with them and rejoice with them. I never get tired of thanking our residents and relatives for trusting us with their care. I have had the privilege to work with great nurses and the love and compassion shown towards the patients was admirable. We can never be too caring, or too compassionate……there is always space to give care and compassion to the patients who so direly need us. We can never thank the nurses at Simblija enough for all they are doing and continue to do with our residents at Simblija Care Home especially during the trying time.”

The duty for Nurses and Carers to serve especially in these challenging circumstances makes this year’s The International Nurses Day even more special and meaningful. Nurses have risen to this challenge and all over the world have shown great strength and resilience in caring for very sick patients, at times losing their life in the process. Nurses have not always been given enough importance and may be seen as secondary to doctors for example. They have also not always been recognised for the great job that they do. But at the heart of any health system are nurses, who are the closest to the patients and who are central to patients’ care. Let us hope that when this is all over, nurses will still be revered with the rest of the health professionals, still be praised and clapped for, for all the great work they do with patients.