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Combatting Loneliness

21 Dec 2021

Roughly a third of the Maltese population, particularly seniors, suffer from loneliness which consequently takes a toll on their mental health. (Times of Malta, 2020.) Maltese villages are not what they used to be. Often the elderly go unnoticed and some may feel like prisoners within their own home because of disability or ill health leading to solitude and loneliness.

Aware that there are some negative connotations around care homes, Simblija Care Home aims to eliminate this stigma by offering a welcoming familiar and friendly solution to the loneliness seniors may feel. Seniors tend to fear the day they may require a care home, which may often deter them from seeing the benefits these environments can actually provide. Care homes are far more than just a safe haven, where a high degree of care can be delivered. They are also communal places where seniors can go to be surrounded by likeminded individuals who can relate to each other.

Weekly organised activities include active ageing classes, nail painting allowing residents to feel pampered, pet therapy, as well as exciting outings. All communal areas are brightly lit and spacious and are balanced between indoor and outdoor areas. Beautiful terraces are found on each floor and a lovely gazebo area is found in the Simblija gardens.  The recently refurbished dining rooms is a place where residents gather for lunch and dinner, chatting with their new friends while enjoying wholesome food.

The holiday season is no exception to organised activities in Simblija. Simblija organise a whole program of Christmas activities which encourage socialisation between staff, residents, relatives and friends. This program leading up to New Year starts with the “Lighting Up of The Village” where the event starts with Holy mass for residents by the village chaplain, followed by a banquet style dinner, mulled wine, and entertainment by the lovely Julie James.

Simblija residents and their families report that they are happier than they were in recent years prior to their move. This is largely due to the community aspect felt across the care home, as well as the daily fun activities, giving them something to look forward to.  We have really reached our aim at Simblija when we offer these alternatives to loneliness and boredom, replacing them with activities and new friendships.