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Respite Plans

There may be times when we are worried about our elderly relatives being left alone. How will mum manage while I am abroad on holiday? What will dad do when mum needs to have her operation? Is there anywhere I can have my mum stay for a while as I need some respite?

What shall I do when my dad’s full-time carer goes abroad?

We all get tired at some point in our lives and need a break. We may all have circumstances in our lives that require us to go abroad on work commitments or indisposed due to surgery or illness.

At Simblija Care Home we firmly believe in partnership in care, at a time when it is most needed. We offer peace of mind when you may be worried about health outcomes or time away from those we care for and love.

Based on the life stories we have heard from clients and their families, like yourselves we know the importance of offering families peace of mind and reassurance. Any length of short stays are considered and may be booked in advance allowing you to be able to plan ahead.

On the other hand, you may be caring day in day out for a relative you care for due to frailty, chronic illness, dementia or social situations. Sometimes you too may need to have a short break of respite as you are tired, or you may need to go away on work commitments or on a family holiday. Whatever the reason may be, the aim is to do so with the peace of mind that while you are away from them, your relatives are professionally cared for.

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