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Geriatrics Nursing and Palliative Care Conference

10 Jul 2019


Simblija Care Home is collaborating with Geriatrics Nursing for the 11th International Conference on Geriatrics Nursing & Palliative Care (Geriatrics Nursing 2019). The conference is shall be held between the 21st and 22nd October in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Track-1: Geriatric & Elderly care
Track-2: Geriatric Care Management
Track-3: Elder Abuse
Track-4: Palliative Care and Management
Track-5: Hospice Care
Track-6: Palliative Medications
Track-7: Aging and Cognitive Disorders
Track-8: Geriatric Psychiatry
Track-9: Geriatric nursing
Track-10: Aging Biology

About the Conference

This Prestigious event on Geriatrics Nursing and Palliative Care (Geriatrics Nursing 2019) goes for a distinctive and thought-commendable discourse on the most recent research results alongside mechanical progress in the made reference to field and in this manner expedites Geriatricians , specific attendants , physiotherapists , general doctors alongside Orthopedic and Neurological specialists around the globe , under one single rooftop , because of their significant perspectives getting shared and traded , with the end goal to multiply the field of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine. Gathering arrangement is utilized to in sorting out 500+ International Conferences consistently crosswise over USA, Europe and Asia with the related guide from 1000 more logical social orders and distributes 500+ Open Access Journals which contains more than 3000 lionized identities, Reputed researchers as its publication board individuals.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Aging-Associated Dementia
Below listed are some forms of dementia associated with geriatrics, leaving yet many:

Vascular Dementia

Frontotemporal Dementia

Thus Palliative Care Conferences of this caliber, bringing together geriatrics 2019, as a part of it proves to be very beneficial and thereby making it be one of the top geriatric nursing conferences till date.

Track 1-1 Vascular Dementia
Track 1-2 Lewy Body Dementia
Track 1-3 Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Track 2: Geriatric Care
It includes some of the professional personalities just as below:

Geriatric nurses

General Physicians

Pharmacological experts

Track 2-1 Long Term and Residential Care
Track 2-2 Assisted and Adult Day Care
Track 2-3 Aging and Associated Care
Track 2-4 Dentistry Researchers and Practitioners
Track 2-5 Criminology Researchers and Practitioners
Track 2-6 Geriatric Care Specialists

Track 3: Geriatric Care Management
Below given, are some types of management, wherein this Conference would prove helpful to bring up new ways.

Nutritional Services Management

Home Care Services Management

Financial Planning Management

these are some types of management, wherein this Conference would prove helpful to bring up new ways.

Track 3-1 Household Management
Track 3-2 Hospital Care Management
Track 3-3 Last Line Care Management

Track 4: Older Abuse
Many sorts and types of abuse of the elderly are got to be noticed which may also prove as a bi-track affecting the aging process. these are some of the factors which this Geriatrics 2019 would comfortably deal with from every sphere, from the pros to the cons, in order to deal with the burning issue, seriously affecting these grey hairs in leading a healthy, peaceful and happier life.

Track 4-1 Physical Abuse and Psychological Abuse
Track 4-2 Financial and Neglect Related Abuse
Track 4-3 Sexual and Abandonment Related Abuse
Track 4-4 Self-Neglect Related and Institutional Abuse