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Offering peace of mind

08 Feb 2020

“My mother keeps falling, I worry that one day I will arrive too late, I tell her to always wear her assistance pendant around her neck … but she leaves it hanging above the bed. I am so tired and worried, hospital has become our second home.”  

I have heard these words being communicated to me several times when concerned relatives call to enquire about our care services at Simblija care Home. The incidence of fractures in the elderly as a consequence of falls is unfortunately high. The elderly fall due to poor lighting, incorrect footwear, unlevelled floors and poor outside pavements, carpets, and poly pharma. They also sometimes fall because they suffer from particular conditions which have made balance harder. A fall leaves the person who incurs it very shaky and insecure, it also leaves its toll on the relatives as they worry that it may happen again. And what if next time it has worse consequences?

At Simblija Care Home we have put together the ideal care packages for persons who are operated on due to a fracture and need rehabilitation post operatively. Having within Simblija Care Home a fully- fledged rehabilitation gym, Revive, run by a physiotherapy team, puts us in the ideal position to rehabilitate such patients. The aim after such operations is to bring the person back to the maximum function they had pre falling.  This can only be achieved through intense physiotherapy which is planned on an individual basis and tailor made to the person concerned taking into consideration their holistic needs.

During the years it has been open, Simblija Care Home has gained its name in rehabilitation, so much so that a number of elderly have come here even after elective joint surgery, mostly to do with hips or knees.  Even here, rehabilitation is crucial, and after a relatively short hospital stay patients have found the comfort in not going home at once, especially if conditions at home are not ideal or they do not feel independent enough.   When they decide to come here after hospital discharge, they know that there is a nursing team 24/7 which is still going to observe them following such major surgery. They are given pain relief if required, and their progress including wound healing is monitored. Above all residents get daily one to one physio therapy leading to them going home more mobile and hence more independent. Many of our residents return if they need further joint surgery since they find the whole experience within Simblija Care Home so positive. Clients can even keep on coming to Revive on an out-patient basis if they need to once they go home.

All in all Simblija Care Home is a place which can give peace of mind both to the resident staying here, and to their relatives. They have the peace of mind that they will be cared for holistically both clinically and where their basic needs are concerned. They do not need to worry things like food, accessibility, loneliness, or supervision. Clinical staff are only a call bell away, food is provided daily from our in house kitchen which also sees to special dietary needs. Care is provided 24/7 in activities of daily living and social activities happen on a daily basis. All the resident needs to do is concentrate on their rehabilitation in order to be able to once again enjoy a good quality of life.

Ms. Charmaine Attard

General Manager AX Care