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To all women in care

08 Mar 2021

This pandemic has shown more than ever how strong women can be and how essential they are to any health care system. At AX Care our workforce is mostly made up of women. Women who everyday juggle to support their own families and some who are also mothers. Women who everyday go beyond their call of duty to be of service to others giving care to our residents with so much passion and dedication, be it as nurses, carers, chefs, receptionists, administration, physiotherapists, food and beverage and many more. This year more than ever these women showed stamina and dedication by even going on lock down leaving their loved ones and sacrificing all to keep our elderly safe.

“As a leader in my field and as a nurse at heart I believe women have the potential to be all they can be and that their compassion gives them the best qualities to be leaders of good quality care. My advice is to never give up, to stick to what you believe in, be proud of your principles and no matter how many times they say you cannot or you won’t; no matter how many times you feel defeated, prove them wrong by showing them that they have totally underestimated you and YOU CAN.” – Ms Charmaine Montesin

Happy Woman’s day to all the women in care.