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Health and safety that goes the extra mile

21 Oct 2022


When you trust your loved one to a care home, you deserve to have total peace of mind that staff are providing competent care that always ensures your family member’s safety and happiness.

At Simblija Care Home, our health and safety protocols go far beyond simply complying with standard regulations.  We implement detailed, holistic, and ongoing processes that see our various teams of staff work collaboratively to safeguard residents against all manner of risk and harm throughout the entire home.

Under the guidance of the General Manager, our health and safety measures are under constant review to make sure they’re in line with the latest best-practice guidelines, providing each member of staff with official procedures to handle all manner of scenarios efficiently and effectively. Broadly speaking, these measures cover cleanliness and hygiene, security of residents and premises, as well as food safety.

Since the outbreak of COVID, hygiene has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds, more so than ever before. At Simblija, we have always taken cleanliness and hygiene extremely seriously as we believe this is key to providing our residents with truly safe and fresh-feeling surroundings that encourage residents to relax and feel at ease. Not only are rooms and public areas around the home cleaned on a daily basis but we also have strict infection control policies and procedures in place to maintain a clean and hygienic environment at all times.

While COVID measures have eased, we continue to remain vigilant in order to mitigate any risk of contagion. For this reason, visitors to the home are still requested to provide vaccination certificates upon entry and we continue to monitor temperatures. In all that we do, we strive to take a preventative approach rather than firefighting issues when they arise.

Our security protocols are also extensive. Each room is conveniently fitted with emergency call bells so that residents can easily contact a qualified nurse or member of staff at any time day or night. Moreover, our highly trained security team monitors the entire premises 24/7 on foot and via security cameras, ensuring residents are observed without ever feeling as if their privacy is being intruded upon.

All members of staff are trained in various security measures, including first aid and fire protection. When things appear out of place or an emergency arises, they are equipped with the resources and protocols they need to assist residents quickly and efficiently.

We also recognise the need to implement additional security measures to safeguard those who are most vulnerable in our care. As such, all doors within our dementia ward are card controlled to ensure residents can’t wander off. Window handles have also been removed so that they can only be opened by staff when requested. We also take great care to create public areas that feel warm and inviting. After all, we want our residents to relax and enjoy fulfilling lives with us. We encourage group activities and communal dinners to give residents a feeling of safety and community, empowering them to fully engage with life at Simblija. To prevent the spreading of any kind of virus, we have also installed a specialised air purifier machine within communal areas.

When it comes to food, our kitchen team understands the seriousness of hazards that may arise from food handling and preparation. That’s why we require each member of the kitchen team to be trained in food safety laws and to comply with hygiene practices established in HACCP guidelines and supported by Standard Operating Procedures established by the food service industry. Our Head Chef continues to monitor and refine procedures, ensuring each member of the kitchen team is adequately briefed on correct sealing, labelling, and storing methods to completely avoid risk of contamination or poisoning. This means residents can look forward to delicious and healthy meals that are always fresh and nutritious.

With these wide-ranging health and safety measures in place, we’re confident in our ability to safeguard our residents and provide them with a happy home that improves their quality of life.

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