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Discover Simblija’s Short-Term Care Summer Offer

Have you ever found yourself in need of a breather amidst the demands of caregiving? At Simblija Care Home, we have the perfect solution for you – short-term residential stays for a moment of respite for caregivers and, or the individuals receiving care. Simblija which is set in a serene and picturesque location in Naxxar, […]

Simblija Care Home’s Approach to Dementia Support

As loved ones get older, their needs may evolve, particularly for those grappling with dementia. At times, the transition to a residential care home becomes a necessary step to ensure their safety and well-being. Simblija Care Home understands the complexities families face when considering this pivotal decision. With a commitment to excellence in dementia care, […]

Our Activity Coordinator’s Role in Fostering Happiness at Simblija Care Home

At Simblija Care Home, Fiona Debattista serves as the beacon of joy and community for our residents. As our Activity Coordinator at Simblija, Fiona’s dedication lies in ensuring that each resident experiences a fulfilling and vibrant life within our premises. Her commitment transcends event planning; it is about fostering inclusivity and enriching the lives of […]

Enriching Pet Visits at Simblija Care Home

At Simblija Care Home, nestled in the heart of Naxxar, our commitment to providing premium care extends beyond conventional methods, reaching into the realm of animal-assisted therapy, or as we fondly call it, pet therapy. For centuries, animals have served as faithful companions, bringing joy and comfort to countless individuals. However, their role goes far […]

A home that respects your individuality & independence

Everyone reaches a stage in life where balancing independence with the need for care, companionship, and safety becomes crucial. The decision to consider a move into a care home is a significant one, and at Simblija Care Home, we recognise the importance of making that choice with utmost care and consideration. Our goal is always […]

AX Care’s Premium Retirement Experience

Bringing Elegance, Quality, and Professionalism to the Heart of Naxxar AX Care is proud to present a comprehensive overview of our mission, vision, and core values, setting us apart as a pioneer in providing premium retirement living and healthcare services. Our dedication to the wellbeing and comfort of our residents is reflected in our elegantly […]