A home that respects your individuality & independence

Everyone reaches a stage in life where balancing independence with the need for care, companionship, and safety becomes crucial. The decision to consider a move into a care home is a significant one, and at Simblija Care Home, we recognise the importance of making that choice with utmost care and consideration. Our goal is always to create a welcoming home for anyone seeking a supportive environment, regardless of their level of independence. Our friendly and well-trained staff can assist with various tasks, from medical needs to everyday chores, making daily life easier and more comfortable.

Over the years, we have helped many find a comfortable and independent lifestyle within our community in Naxxar, providing a new home that not only aligns with their lifestyle but also respects their individuality and desire to live life on their terms.  

In fact, at Simblija, personalised care is at the core of our philosophy. It begins with your room, a space we encourage you to make truly your own by adding cherished belongings and meaningful keepsakes to ensure you feel right at home. We understand the importance of creating a space that reflects your unique personality and we want to make sure your room is a comforting space filled with the things that matter most to you. And if you need a hand with this, our team is here to assist in moving your belongings from your old home into your new one.

We also appreciate that good food is the cornerstone of a good life. Here at Simblija, our kitchen team takes pride in crafting delicious, highly nutritious meals using the freshest ingredients. Whether it’s catering to personal tastes, accommodating food allergies, or adhering to dietary restrictions, we’re committed to ensuring your dining experience is both delightful and nourishing.

Simblija offers you a home filled with a wealth of options at your fingertips. You can enjoy a relaxing dip in our hydrotherapy pool or engage in personalised exercises at Revive, our physio centre. Share quality time with loved ones over a delectable meal at The Orchard restaurant. Additionally, we provide access to our library, gym, and spa to support your well-being. And for your spiritual needs, we have a Chapel where our dedicated Chaplain conducts daily mass.

But that’s not all, Simblija is more than just a residence; it’s a vibrant community that thrives on social connections and an active lifestyle. That’s why we put great effort into creating a diverse schedule of activities and excursions for our residents stimulating them physically, mentally and emotionally, ensuring their days are enriched with meaningful experiences and connections, fostering a healthy and fulfilling life.

We acknowledge that making this move can be a tough decision. That’s why we’re here to support you every step of the way. To truly understand if Simblija Care Home is the right fit for you, we encourage you to pay us a visit. Come and experience first-hand who we are and what we stand for. A warm tour of our home awaits you, where we can discuss your living options tailored to your individual needs.

Celebrating the Festive Season Together at Simblija

The end of the year is always a great time to reflect on all the memories and good times shared together. And at Simblija, we are truly thankful that 2023 was a joyous time for our community. As the magical festive season is upon us, we invite you to join us in celebrating the countless highlights we have shared over the past year.

At Simblija, we understand the importance of creating a vibrant and engaging community for our residents. That’s why we have introduced a new addition to our dedicated team – Fiona Debattista, our Activity Coordinator. Fiona has had an incredible impact on all our residents, enriching their lives with a wide array of activities and experiences that have brought joy and fulfillment to every one of them.

Our residents have consistently expressed their desire to mix and mingle with people from outside the community, fostering connections and embracing new experiences. To meet this need, in October, we introduced our first-ever event designed to encourage new friendships. The event was a resounding success, as it brought residents and visitors from the local community together.

Now, as the holiday season is here, we have a plethora of exciting activities planned that will ensure that the festive season is one filled with warmth and cheer.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for this festive season at Simblija:

  • Christmas Gingerbread Man Baking Competition
  • Christmas Movies Afternoons
  • Festive Chair Dance
  • Christmas Carol Sing-Along
  • Festive Entertainment and More

For those seeking respite and not wishing to be alone during the festive season, Simblija is here to offer the perfect solution. Our around-the-clock care, full board accommodation, and extensive activity selection will make you feel right at home.

For more information, kindly give us a call on 2235 1000 or send an email at [email protected].

The Importance of Quality Healthcare & Residency for Senior Citizens in Malta

As the population in Malta ages, there is a growing need for high-quality healthcare and residency services tailored to the unique needs of senior citizens. AX Care is at the forefront of addressing these requirements with a comprehensive, holistic approach to senior care, available at both Simblija Care Home and Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village.

Malta is witnessing a significant shift in demographics. The proportion of elderly individuals in the population is steadily increasing. The latest regional statistics released by the NSO revealed that the elderly population in Malta has experienced its most significant increase between 2011 and 2021. Simultaneously, the birth rate has slowed down, resulting in a demographic shift where there are approximately three working-age adults for every elderly person aged 65 or older. This demographic shift necessitates a fundamental re-evaluation of how we care for our senior citizens.

AX Care understands the significance of this changing landscape and has taken the initiative to address this specifically. At the heart of our commitment is the provision of the highest standards of residential care on the island. This achievement is made possible by our dedicated, multidisciplinary team, which coordinates and oversees all the health and care needs of our residents.

Our team comprises highly qualified healthcare professionals, including nurse assistants, carers, in-house physiotherapists, medical doctors, and our activity coordinator. By working collaboratively, we bring a wealth of expertise and specialist skills to assess, plan, and manage the wellbeing of our residents, ensuring a holistic approach to care.

In addition to this, our extended a tissue viability nurse, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, podiatrists, and nutritionists. This collaborative medical and allied healthcare professional approach ensures that long-term care planning is resident and family-centered. At the core of this multidisciplinary team is the resident themselves, and our primary goal is to meet all their needs holistically.

In cases where residents require specialised attention, we draw upon the expertise of our external colleagues and practitioners. This approach enables us to confidently refer residents to the specialised medical care they need when conditions demand it.

Simblija Care Home and Hilltop Gardens Retirement Village are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at providing senior citizens with a comfortable, dignified, and enjoyable living experience. At AX Care, we recognise the evolving needs of Malta’s ageing population and are committed to addressing these needs with a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare and residency services. Our dedication to providing high-quality care is a testament to our commitment to ensuring that every senior citizen in our care enjoys a life of comfort, dignity, and well-being. We stand as a beacon of excellence in senior care in Malta, and our services reflect our unwavering dedication to our residents and their families.

World Chef’s Day – Interview with Our Head Chef: Steven Pisani

  1. Briefly let us know your journey throughout your culinary years.

    My personal journey in the culinary industry started when I enrolled in the Food Preparation and Production Certificate program, which paved the way for me to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts. During my years at I.T.S., I had many opportunities to learn from exceptional lecturers, both locally and abroad. The knowledge obtained from this institute and the Paul Bocuse Institute in France has led me to secure my place in various hotels and restaurants in Malta and abroad, such as the one-star Michelin star “Lympstone Manor” restaurant, led by Michael Caines. This fuelled my appetite for more challenges and adventures, ultimately leading to AX giving me the opportunity to lead a team at Simblija Care Home and Hilltop Retirement Village.

    Head Chef Steven Pisani

    Our Head Chef: Steven Pisani

  2. What inspired you to become a Chef?

    My mother was my inspiration for starting my culinary journey. From a young age, seeing her cook a wide variety of meals, ranging from pasta and meats to home-made bread and pizza on a daily basis, inspired me to start creating my own food dishes.

  3. What is most satisfying about your job?

    Customer feedback. Receiving feedback from clients or residents justifies the long hours. My day is made whenever I sacrifice a free evening, or go the extra mile, and then have someone on the other side appreciating every bit of it.

  4. How do you describe your overall cooking philosophy?
    Cooking is an art in which all the senses work together in a synchronised manner. A simple ingredient can be transformed into a delicious multisensory meal. New combinations of ingredients and methods have endless possibilities of unique dishes.

  5. Let us know about your signature dish.
    I have enjoyed perfecting my chicken liver parfait with cider jelly, apples, truffled blue potatoes, and fresh brioche bread. Creating a dish like this requires precise timing and attention to detail; a minute less or a minute more can easily spoil the final result.

  6. Your favourite ingredient to cook with and why?
    My favourite ingredient to work with is Pork Belly. While it is often seen as an economical cut of meat, the magic happens when it is brined and cooked well, resulting in a beautiful crunchy skin with a succulent, tender meat full of flavours.

  7. When designing a menu, what do you take into consideration mostly?
    Firstly, finding the niche in my market. I believe in basing my menu around the customers that I want to attract to my establishment. Then, I aim to achieve what I plan to do by looking at the local and seasonal fruits and vegetables that are available around me.

  8. Which period of the year is your most favourite for cooking?
    Definitely Summer. It’s the time of year when fruits and vegetables are at their peak ripeness; the natural sunlight gives an extra kick to their flavour. The abundance of fresh, seasonal ingredients in the summer allows for a delightful creativity in the kitchen, and it’s during this period that I find the most inspiration and enjoyment in my cooking.

  9. When you’re not in the kitchen, where can you be found?
    In our family fields, trying to understand better the natural process of growing plants and trees. This relaxes my mind from the day-to-day tasks whilst deepening my understanding of the intricate wonders of nature. I feel recharged and equipped with fresh perspectives.


Kitchen Brigade

Our Kitchen Brigade at Simblija Care Home

AX Care’s Premium Retirement Experience

Bringing Elegance, Quality, and Professionalism to the Heart of Naxxar

AX Care is proud to present a comprehensive overview of our mission, vision, and core values, setting us apart as a pioneer in providing premium retirement living and healthcare services. Our dedication to the wellbeing and comfort of our residents is reflected in our elegantly designed premises, which host a variety of facilities, each designed to cater to different aspects of senior living.

Our Mission

Our mission at AX Care is to provide a dignified and holistic retirement experience that enhances the quality of life for our residents. We strive to create an atmosphere that promotes well-being, active ageing, and a sense of belonging. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare and residency services that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our residents.

Our Vision

We envision a world where ageing is a graceful and fulfilling journey. Our vision is to be at the forefront of senior care and retirement living, setting new standards of excellence and redefining what it means to grow older. We aim to be the trusted partner for seniors and their families, providing the highest quality of care and an enriching environment where cherished memories are made.

Our Values

AX Care is founded on a set of core values that guide every aspect of our operations:

  1. Dignity: We respect the inherent worth and individuality of every resident, ensuring that they are treated with the utmost respect and kindness.
  2. Quality: We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering high-quality care, services, and facilities.
  3. Professionalism: Our team of licensed care professionals is dedicated to providing expert care with compassion and integrity.
  4. Innovation: We continuously seek innovative solutions and remain at the forefront of the latest developments in senior care and retirement living.
  5. Community: We foster a sense of belonging and community where residents can create lasting bonds with their neighbours.

What truly sets us apart is our beautifully designed premises in Naxxar, where residents can enjoy a plethora of upscale amenities. Within the Hilltop Gardens complex, you will find:

The Chapel: A serene place of worship that nurtures the spiritual well-being of our residents.

Bocci Pitch: A recreational area for enjoyable games and activities, promoting an active lifestyle.

Outdoor Pool: A refreshing outdoor pool where residents can relax and bask in the sun during the summer months.

The Orchard Restaurant: A family bistro that offers patrons a value-for-money trattoria-style lunching and dining experience.

The Library: A cosy and inviting space filled with a diverse and respectable selection of books spanning a wide range of genres.

The Lounge: The perfect communal space to while away an hour or two in great company.

The Courtyard: A function space designed to accommodate organised activities, seminars and talks, and even special theatre and musical performances from guest entertainers.

Revive Physiotherapy & Aquatic Centre: A state-of-the-art physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centre, promoting physical well-being and recovery.

Sanya Spa: A tranquil wellness centre that offers all the elements that you need to support such a nourishing lifestyle.

Chic Physique Studio: A fully equipped fitness center for residents to maintain their health and vitality.

We understand that retirement is a unique and deeply personal journey, and our goal is to provide a continuum of care that caters to clients during every stage of their retirement years. Our integrated services and expertise ensure that all our residents enjoy a welcoming and homelike atmosphere, where their day-to-day needs are met without sacrificing on comfort and quality of living.

At AX Care, we are proud to be a beacon of excellence in retirement living and healthcare services, where elegance, quality, and professionalism meet to create a remarkable journey for our residents. We invite you to experience the AX Care difference, where ageing is a privilege and not a limitation.

For more information about AX Care, our services, and our facilities, please visit www.axcare.mt or call 2235 1000.

Simblija Care Home: Heartwarming Community Morning

Join Us on Saturday 21st October for a Memorable Event in Naxxar

To foster camaraderie and strengthen community bonds, Simblija Care Home is thrilled to announce its first event designed to build lasting friendships among its residents and the local community. On the morning of October 21st, 2023, Simblija Care Home, located on Triq il-Forga, Naxxar, warmly welcomes everyone to a delightful gathering from 9:30am till 12:30pm.

The event ‘Start Friendships at Simblija’ promises a delightful morning filled with delectable treats and warm conversations. Simblija’s talented kitchen team will be whipping up a selection of tea and sweet delights that are sure to tantalise your taste buds while bonding with new friends.

At Simblija Care Home, we take immense pride in our dedicated and qualified team of caregivers, nurses, and support staff. This event offers a unique chance for attendees to meet and chat with our compassionate professionals who play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for our residents.

Getting to know the residents is at the core of this event. At Simblija, we also invite you to connect with the vibrant individuals who call this care home their abode. Share stories, experiences, and laughter with these wonderful residents, and you will find that friendships can bloom at any age.

For those seeking a moment of spiritual reflection, we are also organising a special mass led by our Chaplain. It’s a time to come together, find solace, and experience the sense of unity that transcends all boundaries.

As you stroll through our premises, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of stalls showcasing local crafts, handmade goods, and unique items. It is a chance to support local artisans and perhaps find a special keepsake to remember the day.

At Simblija Care Home, we are excited to host this event and welcome everyone to be part of this heartwarming experience. To secure your spot at this special gathering and immerse yourself in the warmth and community spirit at Simblija Care Home, get in touch today by calling 2235 1000. Join us on October 21st, and let’s celebrate the bonds that connect us all.

How to Spot Signs of Dementia in a Loved One

It is very difficult to watch a loved one go through changes as they age, and it can be challenging to know when to seek help. As people get older, the risk of developing dementia increases. Dementia can be tricky to diagnose, as it shares some symptoms with normal ageing. However, there are some warning signs to look out for.

Early intervention can help slow down the progression of the disease, making it essential to be aware of these signs. It’s important to remember that the following patterns can prove distressing and alarming for your loved one, so it’s crucial to approach them with compassion and understanding.

  • Persistent Change in Behaviour: If you notice a persistent change in your loved one’s behaviour, it could be a sign of dementia. They may seem more forgetful, confused, or struggle to complete familiar tasks.
  • Memory Loss: Memory loss is one of the most common signs of dementia. Your loved one may forget recent events, names, and faces. They may also struggle to find the right words to express themselves.
  • Difficulty in Learning New Things: Dementia can make it challenging for your loved one to learn new routines, skills, or adapt to changes in their environment.
  • Financial Management: Dementia can affect a person’s ability to manage their finances. Your loved one may forget to pay bills, make inappropriate purchases, or struggle to manage their bank account.
  • Losing Track of Time: Your loved one may forget what day it is or what time it is. They may also forget appointments or important events. It can be helpful to create a daily schedule for your loved one to help them stay on track.
  • Loss of Interest in Activities: Dementia can cause a person to lose interest in activities they used to enjoy. Your loved one may stop participating in hobbies or social events they used to enjoy. They may also withdraw from social interactions and become more isolated.
  • Repeating Themselves: Your loved one may tell the same stories or ask the same questions over and over again.

If you think you have spotted signs of dementia in a loved one, there are several proactive steps you can take. Firstly, you can document and share these patterns with a doctor. Keeping a record and tracking signs can help to provide a clearer picture of the progression of the disease.

It is important to find professional help after noticing early symptoms of dementia. Find the right doctor who specialises in dementia care and communicate your observations in detail. Preparing for a diagnosis can involve reviewing their medical history, physical or mental exams, lab tests, and brain imaging. It’s important to continue to observe and track the symptoms to help you and the medical professionals determine the best care and treatment for your loved one.

As difficult as it may be to accept, planning for the future is essential. Seeking professional residential care can be a challenging conversation, but it’s important to approach it with kindness and empathy. Your loved one may feel scared or vulnerable, so it’s essential that they recognise that you have their best interests at heart.


Learn more about the compassionate and comprehensive care we offer to individuals living with dementia at Simblija Care Home. Our team is here to support you and your loved one through this challenging time, and we are committed to providing the highest quality care possible.

5 Ideas for Simblija Residents to Make Their Room Feel More Homely

At Simblija Care Home, we understand that moving into a care home can be a difficult transition for anyone, especially when you’re moving out of your own home where you’ve been surrounded by your own possessions, belongings, and memories collected over many, many years. Our highly qualified team do their utmost to help residents settle in and feel at home from the very start of their journey with us. We take great care to design rooms which feel warm and welcoming, and which offer the finest amenities, including comfortable armchairs, spacious wardrobes, dressing tables, flat-screen TVs, private telephones, and more. We also equip each room with plenty of safety features so that residents feel secure in an environment that encourages their independence.

That said, at Simblija, we recognise the importance for residents to personalise their rooms to make their surroundings feel more homely and suited to their unique identity. Adding personal touches and flourishes to a room can bring great comfort to residents and ease them into a new way of life. So, if a resident needs some inspiration to better personalise their room, here are some helpful ideas to get them started.

1 – Decorate your room with photos & pictures

Putting up personal photos and pictures is a great first step to make any room feel more homely. Being surrounded by favourite memories, whether it’s a wedding, Christening, or a treasured holiday, encourages residents to keep their most precious memories alive and fosters a sense of closeness to the people who are most important to them. Pictures are also a great talking point, which can help residents build meaningful connections with members of staff, visitors, and fellow residents who stop by their rooms.

2 – The importance of smells & sound

Familiar smells and sounds can also go a long way in helping residents personalise their room. In fact, many studies have found that odours are strongly linked to a sense of homeliness and can conjure up vivid memories. For this reason, we encourage residents to replicate the smell of their home through items such as scented candles, favourite fresh flowers, or essential oils.

Likewise, sound and music also play an important role in offering comfort and can soften the transition into a new environment. Bringing along a treasured music collection, which residents can listen to whenever they wish, can trigger happy feelings and really help residents feel more at peace within their new home.

3 – Bring items of sentimental value

Whether it’s a family heirloom or a special keepsake of emotional value, certain personal items can create a real sense of home within a room. Memory plays a significant part in the value of such items, which are often linked with special moments among family and loved ones and speak to that person’s history and identity. Placing such belongings, which can range from ornaments to small trinkets like a piece of jewellery, within easy reach around the room will add an authentic personal touch that really sparks happiness and comfort.

4 – Furniture from home creates a familiar environment

Adding certain pieces of furniture or soft furnishings from home, such as a favourite armchair or cushion, is another great way to personalise a room and make it feel warmer and more familiar. Due to several health and safety issues, permission must always be requested from the Simblija care team when residents are considering bringing larger items of furniture to the home or wish to make amendments to the room, such as hanging a picture on the wall.

5 – Create new memories with familiar faces

Key to making any new environment feel like home is to create new memories in it. That’s why, we greatly encourage family and friends to visit residents as much as possible, so that they can better associate their room with the people they care about the most. What’s more, at Simblija we have taken great care to provide an assortment of activities for everyone to enjoy right on the premises. Whether it’s enjoying a delicious lunch together at The Orchard restaurant, attending mass as a family at our chapel, or combining a visit with a relative with a Pilates class at Revive, there are many fantastic options to make the most of your time visiting your loved one at Simblija Care Home.

Get in touch today to book your 1-to-1 visit and learn more about life at Simblija!

Experience Peace of Mind with Simblija Care Home’s Summer Offer

Set in a serene location in Naxxar, Simblija Care Home is the perfect place that combines compassionate care, delicious dining, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant activities calendar to ensure our residents’ utmost wellbeing and enjoyment.

At the heart of Simblija lies our care teams’ dedication to providing a high level of care that surpasses expectations. Our trained and compassionate caregivers are always ready to offer personalised attention and support, ensuring every resident’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Simblija takes pride in their ability to create a warm and nurturing environment, where residents are treated with respect and dignity.

With an in-house kitchen led by talented chefs, our residents are treated to a gastronomic journey that delights the senses. Each meal is carefully prepared, considering dietary preferences and nutritional requirements, resulting in a menu that caters to diverse palates and dietary needs. From mouth-watering entrees to decadent desserts, residents can savour the finest flavours while enjoying the company of fellow residents in a cosy and inviting dining setting.

In addition to their outstanding care and exquisite dining, our premises boast state-of-the-art facilities that ensure residents’ comfort and convenience. Every aspect of Simblija Care Home’s architecture and amenities has been thoughtfully considered, from well-appointed private rooms to communal spaces designed for relaxation and socialising. Our commitment to creating an environment that fosters well-being is further exemplified by our beautiful gardens, providing residents with opportunities for peaceful strolls and moments of tranquillity.

At Simblija, we recognise the importance of an engaging and vibrant lifestyle, and our activities calendar reflects this commitment. Regular outings and activities are organised to ensure residents have opportunities to explore the surrounding area and create lasting memories.

As summer arrives, we are excited to introduce an exclusive offer that combines exceptional care with enticing savings. For a limited time, individuals can take advantage of discounts on dependent respite and long-term care plans, enjoying up to 10 free days of compassionate care, culinary delights, and vibrant activities at Simblija. This offer is exclusively available during the summer months, spanning from June to August and allows families to secure their loved ones’ care while enjoying the benefits of this outstanding facility. It is important to note that this offer is subject to availability, so early reservations are highly encouraged. The offer is applicable to dependent respite and care plans 2B to 3B, with a limited number of beds allocated for this promotion.

We invite families to embrace this opportunity and provide their loved ones with an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional care, delightful dining, modern facilities, and a rich calendar of engaging activities.

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Simblija Care Home’s Promise to Our Residents

At Simblija, we treat you and your loved ones like we would our own families. That’s why we promise the highest standard of care, a beautiful and safe home-like environment, and a fulfilling lifestyle for each resident who forms part of our community.

Trust is the foundation of everything we do. Our care team takes the time to get to know our residents personally and provide personalised journeys so that they live with dignity and respect, which is why residents have the bond that they do with our care team. By delivering our services in a reliable and dependable way, we hope to provide peace of mind and reassurance that your loved one is being taken care of in a community that truly cares.

Exclusively private care homes, such as Simblja Care Home, provide a holistic solution for when an elderly person requires personalised care that goes beyond what is typically available through a hospital or public health system. By employing a highly specialised team of healthcare professionals, we offer individualised care plans that focus on both physical and non-physical needs of your loved ones, taking into consideration everything from dietary requirements, medication plans, as well as the levels of hands-on help required for everyday activities, such as housekeeping and bathroom assistance. Our caregivers are on hand around the clock, whether it’s for regular medical checks or in case of an emergency, while a team of dedicated security guards provides the highest levels of safety 24/7.

Over and above providing physical care, private care homes are also better equipped to see to the residents’ physical and psychosocial needs. With a variety of room types available, there are more options for residents to maintain their space and privacy, which consequently helps them settle into the residence and feel more at home.

This is what sets us apart from other care homes; apart from attributing value to providing the best physical and emotional care, we also give our residents a holistic experience unlike any other.

Whether it’s a friendly hello, taking the time to get to know our residents on a personal level, or listening to their concerns and worries, we’ve made it our mission to make life at Simblija a welcoming experience, every step of the way. Nothing fills us with a greater sense of joy than seeing our residents steadily making the Simblija community their own.