Simblija Care Home Invites You to a Heartwarming Morning of Friendship and Community

Join Us on Saturday 21st October for a Memorable Event in Naxxar

To foster camaraderie and strengthen community bonds, Simblija Care Home is thrilled to announce its first event designed to build lasting friendships among its residents and the local community. On the morning of October 21st, 2023, Simblija Care Home, located on Triq il-Forga, Naxxar, warmly welcomes everyone to a delightful gathering from 9:30am till 12:30pm.

The event ‘Start Friendships at Simblija’ promises a delightful morning filled with delectable treats and warm conversations. Simblija’s talented kitchen team will be whipping up a selection of tea and sweet delights that are sure to tantalise your taste buds while bonding with new friends.

At Simblija Care Home, we take immense pride in our dedicated and qualified team of caregivers, nurses, and support staff. This event offers a unique chance for attendees to meet and chat with our compassionate professionals who play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for our residents.

Getting to know the residents is at the core of this event. At Simblija, we also invite you to connect with the vibrant individuals who call this care home their abode. Share stories, experiences, and laughter with these wonderful residents, and you will find that friendships can bloom at any age.

For those seeking a moment of spiritual reflection, we are also organising a special mass led by our Chaplain. It’s a time to come together, find solace, and experience the sense of unity that transcends all boundaries.

As you stroll through our premises, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of stalls showcasing local crafts, handmade goods, and unique items. It is a chance to support local artisans and perhaps find a special keepsake to remember the day.

At Simblija Care Home, we are excited to host this event and welcome everyone to be part of this heartwarming experience. To secure your spot at this special gathering and immerse yourself in the warmth and community spirit at Simblija Care Home, get in touch today by calling 2235 1000. Join us on October 21st, and let’s celebrate the bonds that connect us all.

How to Spot Signs of Dementia in a Loved One

It is very difficult to watch a loved one go through changes as they age, and it can be challenging to know when to seek help. As people get older, the risk of developing dementia increases. Dementia can be tricky to diagnose, as it shares some symptoms with normal ageing. However, there are some warning signs to look out for.

Early intervention can help slow down the progression of the disease, making it essential to be aware of these signs. It’s important to remember that the following patterns can prove distressing and alarming for your loved one, so it’s crucial to approach them with compassion and understanding.

  • Persistent Change in Behaviour: If you notice a persistent change in your loved one’s behaviour, it could be a sign of dementia. They may seem more forgetful, confused, or struggle to complete familiar tasks.
  • Memory Loss: Memory loss is one of the most common signs of dementia. Your loved one may forget recent events, names, and faces. They may also struggle to find the right words to express themselves.
  • Difficulty in Learning New Things: Dementia can make it challenging for your loved one to learn new routines, skills, or adapt to changes in their environment.
  • Financial Management: Dementia can affect a person’s ability to manage their finances. Your loved one may forget to pay bills, make inappropriate purchases, or struggle to manage their bank account.
  • Losing Track of Time: Your loved one may forget what day it is or what time it is. They may also forget appointments or important events. It can be helpful to create a daily schedule for your loved one to help them stay on track.
  • Loss of Interest in Activities: Dementia can cause a person to lose interest in activities they used to enjoy. Your loved one may stop participating in hobbies or social events they used to enjoy. They may also withdraw from social interactions and become more isolated.
  • Repeating Themselves: Your loved one may tell the same stories or ask the same questions over and over again.

If you think you have spotted signs of dementia in a loved one, there are several proactive steps you can take. Firstly, you can document and share these patterns with a doctor. Keeping a record and tracking signs can help to provide a clearer picture of the progression of the disease.

It is important to find professional help after noticing early symptoms of dementia. Find the right doctor who specialises in dementia care and communicate your observations in detail. Preparing for a diagnosis can involve reviewing their medical history, physical or mental exams, lab tests, and brain imaging. It’s important to continue to observe and track the symptoms to help you and the medical professionals determine the best care and treatment for your loved one.

As difficult as it may be to accept, planning for the future is essential. Seeking professional residential care can be a challenging conversation, but it’s important to approach it with kindness and empathy. Your loved one may feel scared or vulnerable, so it’s essential that they recognise that you have their best interests at heart.


Learn more about the compassionate and comprehensive care we offer to individuals living with dementia at Simblija Care Home. Our team is here to support you and your loved one through this challenging time, and we are committed to providing the highest quality care possible.

5 Ideas for Simblija Residents to Make Their Room Feel More Homely

At Simblija Care Home, we understand that moving into a care home can be a difficult transition for anyone, especially when you’re moving out of your own home where you’ve been surrounded by your own possessions, belongings, and memories collected over many, many years. Our highly qualified team do their utmost to help residents settle in and feel at home from the very start of their journey with us. We take great care to design rooms which feel warm and welcoming, and which offer the finest amenities, including comfortable armchairs, spacious wardrobes, dressing tables, flat-screen TVs, private telephones, and more. We also equip each room with plenty of safety features so that residents feel secure in an environment that encourages their independence.

That said, at Simblija, we recognise the importance for residents to personalise their rooms to make their surroundings feel more homely and suited to their unique identity. Adding personal touches and flourishes to a room can bring great comfort to residents and ease them into a new way of life. So, if a resident needs some inspiration to better personalise their room, here are some helpful ideas to get them started.

1 – Decorate your room with photos & pictures

Putting up personal photos and pictures is a great first step to make any room feel more homely. Being surrounded by favourite memories, whether it’s a wedding, Christening, or a treasured holiday, encourages residents to keep their most precious memories alive and fosters a sense of closeness to the people who are most important to them. Pictures are also a great talking point, which can help residents build meaningful connections with members of staff, visitors, and fellow residents who stop by their rooms.

2 – The importance of smells & sound

Familiar smells and sounds can also go a long way in helping residents personalise their room. In fact, many studies have found that odours are strongly linked to a sense of homeliness and can conjure up vivid memories. For this reason, we encourage residents to replicate the smell of their home through items such as scented candles, favourite fresh flowers, or essential oils.

Likewise, sound and music also play an important role in offering comfort and can soften the transition into a new environment. Bringing along a treasured music collection, which residents can listen to whenever they wish, can trigger happy feelings and really help residents feel more at peace within their new home.

3 – Bring items of sentimental value

Whether it’s a family heirloom or a special keepsake of emotional value, certain personal items can create a real sense of home within a room. Memory plays a significant part in the value of such items, which are often linked with special moments among family and loved ones and speak to that person’s history and identity. Placing such belongings, which can range from ornaments to small trinkets like a piece of jewellery, within easy reach around the room will add an authentic personal touch that really sparks happiness and comfort.

4 – Furniture from home creates a familiar environment

Adding certain pieces of furniture or soft furnishings from home, such as a favourite armchair or cushion, is another great way to personalise a room and make it feel warmer and more familiar. Due to several health and safety issues, permission must always be requested from the Simblija care team when residents are considering bringing larger items of furniture to the home or wish to make amendments to the room, such as hanging a picture on the wall.

5 – Create new memories with familiar faces

Key to making any new environment feel like home is to create new memories in it. That’s why, we greatly encourage family and friends to visit residents as much as possible, so that they can better associate their room with the people they care about the most. What’s more, at Simblija we have taken great care to provide an assortment of activities for everyone to enjoy right on the premises. Whether it’s enjoying a delicious lunch together at The Orchard restaurant, attending mass as a family at our chapel, or combining a visit with a relative with a Pilates class at Revive, there are many fantastic options to make the most of your time visiting your loved one at Simblija Care Home.

Get in touch today to book your 1-to-1 visit and learn more about life at Simblija!

Experience Peace of Mind with Simblija Care Home’s Summer Offer

Set in a serene location in Naxxar, Simblija Care Home is the perfect place that combines compassionate care, delicious dining, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant activities calendar to ensure our residents’ utmost wellbeing and enjoyment.

At the heart of Simblija lies our care teams’ dedication to providing a high level of care that surpasses expectations. Our trained and compassionate caregivers are always ready to offer personalised attention and support, ensuring every resident’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Simblija takes pride in their ability to create a warm and nurturing environment, where residents are treated with respect and dignity.

With an in-house kitchen led by talented chefs, our residents are treated to a gastronomic journey that delights the senses. Each meal is carefully prepared, considering dietary preferences and nutritional requirements, resulting in a menu that caters to diverse palates and dietary needs. From mouth-watering entrees to decadent desserts, residents can savour the finest flavours while enjoying the company of fellow residents in a cosy and inviting dining setting.

In addition to their outstanding care and exquisite dining, our premises boast state-of-the-art facilities that ensure residents’ comfort and convenience. Every aspect of Simblija Care Home’s architecture and amenities has been thoughtfully considered, from well-appointed private rooms to communal spaces designed for relaxation and socialising. Our commitment to creating an environment that fosters well-being is further exemplified by our beautiful gardens, providing residents with opportunities for peaceful strolls and moments of tranquillity.

At Simblija, we recognise the importance of an engaging and vibrant lifestyle, and our activities calendar reflects this commitment. Regular outings and activities are organised to ensure residents have opportunities to explore the surrounding area and create lasting memories.

As summer arrives, we are excited to introduce an exclusive offer that combines exceptional care with enticing savings. For a limited time, individuals can take advantage of discounts on dependent respite and long-term care plans, enjoying up to 10 free days of compassionate care, culinary delights, and vibrant activities at Simblija. This offer is exclusively available during the summer months, spanning from June to August and allows families to secure their loved ones’ care while enjoying the benefits of this outstanding facility. It is important to note that this offer is subject to availability, so early reservations are highly encouraged. The offer is applicable to dependent respite and care plans 2B to 3B, with a limited number of beds allocated for this promotion.

We invite families to embrace this opportunity and provide their loved ones with an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional care, delightful dining, modern facilities, and a rich calendar of engaging activities.

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Simblija Care Home’s Promise to Our Residents

At Simblija, we treat you and your loved ones like we would our own families. That’s why we promise the highest standard of care, a beautiful and safe home-like environment, and a fulfilling lifestyle for each resident who forms part of our community.

Trust is the foundation of everything we do. Our care team takes the time to get to know our residents personally and provide personalised journeys so that they live with dignity and respect, which is why residents have the bond that they do with our care team. By delivering our services in a reliable and dependable way, we hope to provide peace of mind and reassurance that your loved one is being taken care of in a community that truly cares.

Exclusively private care homes, such as Simblja Care Home, provide a holistic solution for when an elderly person requires personalised care that goes beyond what is typically available through a hospital or public health system. By employing a highly specialised team of healthcare professionals, we offer individualised care plans that focus on both physical and non-physical needs of your loved ones, taking into consideration everything from dietary requirements, medication plans, as well as the levels of hands-on help required for everyday activities, such as housekeeping and bathroom assistance. Our caregivers are on hand around the clock, whether it’s for regular medical checks or in case of an emergency, while a team of dedicated security guards provides the highest levels of safety 24/7.

Over and above providing physical care, private care homes are also better equipped to see to the residents’ physical and psychosocial needs. With a variety of room types available, there are more options for residents to maintain their space and privacy, which consequently helps them settle into the residence and feel more at home.

This is what sets us apart from other care homes; apart from attributing value to providing the best physical and emotional care, we also give our residents a holistic experience unlike any other.

Whether it’s a friendly hello, taking the time to get to know our residents on a personal level, or listening to their concerns and worries, we’ve made it our mission to make life at Simblija a welcoming experience, every step of the way. Nothing fills us with a greater sense of joy than seeing our residents steadily making the Simblija community their own.

Quality Respite Care at Simblija

Everyone deserves some well-earned rest around Christmas.

Whilst caring for an elderly family member is an incredibly rewarding experience, it’s also a demanding responsibility to carry on your shoulders, day in, day out. Working as a caregiver for too long without a break can lead to burnout, putting you at risk for physical and mental health issues. That’s why, every now and then, it’s essential to take some time for yourself to look after your own wellbeing and recharge. And with Christmas just around the corner, there’s no better time to set aside a few days to do just this.

Naturally, before you can even begin to make any plans, you’ll want to know that your loved one will be well taken care of while you’re away. And that’s where we come in. Our respite care service at Simblija Care Home is there to cover you in this time of need. We offer total peace of mind so that you’re free to enjoy the holidays just as you wish, knowing your loved one is in an excellent pair of hands.

Our short-term respite care packages offer plenty of flexibility and are designed to welcome elderly guests into our community, providing them with a comfortable environment that e­­nables them to stick to their usual care routine. Our team is composed of highly qualified care professionals who are experienced in dealing with a vast range of care needs, including chronic illnesses and dementia. We’ll see that all your loved one’s medication and treatment needs are a top priority throughout their stay with us.

Over and above the quality care on offer, we provide a truly welcoming community atmosphere at Simblija, one that enables new guests among us to feel immediately at home. What’s more, during the holiday season we are also organising our Christmas Extravaganza in the Village. All our residents can look forward to a fun-filled events programme jam-packed with entertainment and activities that will light up the entire home. It’s set to be a magical experience, with something for everyone, that will delight all our residents throughout the holidays.

We also recognise that the spiritual element plays an especially important role around Christmas for many of our residents and guests. That’s why our Chaplain Fr Julian Cassar will be celebrating a series of special animated masses over the holidays, including a Christmas Day mass, at our Water Chapel. It’s a truly beautiful setting for members of our community to gather to celebrate the holiness of the festive season.

All in all, your loved ones can look forward to an unforgettable stay at Simblija Care Home filled with friendship, warmth, quality care, great food, and good cheer. We are here to put your mind at ease so that you too can get some well-earned rest.

To enquire about Simblija Care Home’s respite packages for this Christmas season kindly contact us at 2235 1000 or via email at [email protected].

AX Care lends a helping hand to Hospice Malta

At AX Care, we love to give back to the community in any way we can. As well as offering compassionate and quality care to all our residents and patients at Simblija Care Home, we seek to extend a helping hand to persons in need wherever possible. That’s why when Mr Kenneth Delia, CEO of Hospice Malta, reached out to us for potential collaboration in aid of hospice patients, we were only too happy to offer our support.

Through this initiative, which was launched in May 2022, we’re proud to welcome hospice patients to our Revive Physiotherapy & Aquatic Centre on a complimentary basis every week. Assisted by qualified nurses and physiotherapists, hospice patients can avail themselves of our one-of-a-kind hydrotherapy pool, which was purposefully designed to offer accessibility to anyone suffering from impaired mobility and chronic pain. The pool’s warm water makes it ideal for palliative care as it’s known to soothe the body, relax often tense muscles, and alleviate pain.

“The entire team at AX Care greatly admires all the crucial work that Hospice Malta does. As our two organisations share common values of providing compassionate care and dignity to vulnerable people, we strongly believe this collaboration is a natural extension of our core mission and we’re proud to be doing something tangible to help. It continues to be a huge privilege to welcome hospice patients to our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy centre where they can benefit from holistic services that have a direct impact on their quality of life,” says Charmaine Montesin, General Manager at AX Care.

Launched in 1989, Hospice Malta is a registered NGO that provides and promotes palliative care for persons suffering from end-of-life cancer and motor neuron disease across Malta and Gozo. Should you wish to support Hospice Malta or learn more about its vital services, please visit

For more information on the publicly available services and facilities at Revive Physiotherapy & Aquatic Centre located at Hilltop Gardens in Naxxar, click here.

Health and safety that goes the extra mile

When you trust your loved one to a care home, you deserve to have total peace of mind that staff are providing competent care that always ensures your family member’s safety and happiness.

At Simblija Care Home, our health and safety protocols go far beyond simply complying with standard regulations. We implement detailed, holistic, and ongoing processes that see our various teams of staff work collaboratively to safeguard residents against all manner of risk and harm throughout the entire home.

Under the guidance of the General Manager, our health and safety measures are under constant review to make sure they’re in line with the latest best-practice guidelines, providing each member of staff with official procedures to handle all manner of scenarios efficiently and effectively. Broadly speaking, these measures cover cleanliness and hygiene, security of residents and premises, as well as food safety.

Since the outbreak of COVID, hygiene has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds, more so than ever before. At Simblija, we have always taken cleanliness and hygiene extremely seriously as we believe this is key to providing our residents with truly safe and fresh-feeling surroundings that encourage residents to relax and feel at ease. Not only are rooms and public areas around the home cleaned on a daily basis but we also have strict infection control policies and procedures in place to maintain a clean and hygienic environment at all times.

While COVID measures have eased, we continue to remain vigilant in order to mitigate any risk of contagion. For this reason, visitors to the home are still requested to provide vaccination certificates upon entry and we continue to monitor temperatures. In all that we do, we strive to take a preventative approach rather than firefighting issues when they arise.

Our security protocols are also extensive. Each room is conveniently fitted with emergency call bells so that residents can easily contact a qualified nurse or member of staff at any time day or night. Moreover, our highly trained security team monitors the entire premises 24/7 on foot and via security cameras, ensuring residents are observed without ever feeling as if their privacy is being intruded upon.

All members of staff are trained in various security measures, including first aid and fire protection. When things appear out of place or an emergency arises, they are equipped with the resources and protocols they need to assist residents quickly and efficiently.

We also recognise the need to implement additional security measures to safeguard those who are most vulnerable in our care. As such, all doors within our dementia ward are card controlled to ensure residents can’t wander off. Window handles have also been removed so that they can only be opened by staff when requested. We also take great care to create public areas that feel warm and inviting. After all, we want our residents to relax and enjoy fulfilling lives with us. We encourage group activities and communal dinners to give residents a feeling of safety and community, empowering them to fully engage with life at Simblija. To prevent the spreading of any kind of virus, we have also installed a specialised air purifier machine within communal areas.

When it comes to food, our kitchen team understands the seriousness of hazards that may arise from food handling and preparation. That’s why we require each member of the kitchen team to be trained in food safety laws and to comply with hygiene practices established in HACCP guidelines and supported by Standard Operating Procedures established by the food service industry. Our Head Chef continues to monitor and refine procedures, ensuring each member of the kitchen team is adequately briefed on correct sealing, labelling, and storing methods to completely avoid risk of contamination or poisoning. This means residents can look forward to delicious and healthy meals that are always fresh and nutritious.

With these wide-ranging health and safety measures in place, we’re confident in our ability to safeguard our residents and provide them with a happy home that improves their quality of life.

For more information on Simblija Care Home, get in touch by contacting us here.

Christmas Extravaganza

Christmas Extravaganza at AX Care

Are you ready for the Christmas season? We definitely are! In Malta, we love our Christmas season and soon you’ll be able to see houses with colourful, festive lights popping up all over the country, much earlier than tradition expects!

The Hilltop Gardens Christmas Market

The festive season’s preparations are in full swing at Hilltop Gardens. Our team is preparing a luxe Christmas Extravaganza in the Village. On Sunday 4th December, we shall be opening our doors to the public to come and experience our annual Christmas Market, taking place within The Crescent Lobby, Triq L-Inkwina, Naxxar. The area shall be brimming with local artisans selling all types of products that make for perfect gifts for others, or simply to spoil yourself this Christmas season! Among the stalls you’ll find rich spices, ceramics, cakes and sweet treats, handmade items, decorative objects, exotic-smelling candles, and so much more! The smell of cinnamon-loaded mulled wine wafting through the stalls will tempt you and your loved ones to stop for a glass.

Our Christmas market shall be open from 10am till 5pm with parking available on a first come first serve basis which will make your visit that much more pleasurable.

The Food that Brings Us Together

Christmas is not Christmas if it doesn’t involve the food that brings generations together at one table. Our expert kitchen team at The Orchard have prepared glorious festive menus crafted with passion and including the freshest of seasonal local produce and the best meat cuts from across the miles, simply for the pure enjoyment of patrons.

Give our team a call on 2235 1045 to book your table ahead of time!

Festive Family Events at Simblija

Our community at Simblija will be well and truly cared for over the Christmas season with a program of events jam-packed with entertainment and activities that bring residents and their families together. Santa Claus is expected to visit and do room rounds to meet our residents. Santa’s big red bag is always a cherished gift that puts wide smiles on all our residents’ faces.

Christmas Day mass at The Chapel will be celebrated by Chaplain Fr Julian Cassar at 10.30 am and animated by Ylenia Vella, followed by Christmas Lunch at noon. A number of masses will be said at The Chapel over New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with one at 5 pm and another at 7 pm on the eve, and on New Year’s Day at 10.30 am and 11.30 am in English, both animated by Ylenia Vella.

At Simblija, the Christmas season is not just about entertainment but also about active ageing and about residents living a fulfilled life surrounded by family and friends, even at this festive time. Our dedicated events that they look forward to so much and that go a long way in lifting their spirits, however, are the cherry on the proverbial cake.

AX Group Supports Lifecycle Foundation

The AX Group is pleased to be sponsoring LifeCycle 2022, a local charitable organisation who will be embarking on a 2,000km trip from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Santiago (Chile) this March in their noble quest to raise funds and awareness in support of renal patients across Malta and Gozo. All funds generated by this initiative will go towards research in determining causes and cures of kidney disease, improving the support systems and quality of life for patients in these wards, as well as raising awareness of the illness. The LifeCycle challenge is an annual event first held in 1999, with the same aim it has today, to support patients suffering from end-stage renal disease. Each year, a dedicated team of Maltese cyclist’s tackle what is one of the most gruelling endurance events there is, cycling an average of 2,000km over only ten days.

“Such endeavours harmonise with the AX Group’s values,” said Mr Michael Warrington, CEO of the AX Group. “On the one hand they add value to the community by promoting active lifestyles and overcoming obstacles, and on the other they greatly contribute towards raising funds and awareness for very important causes. The AX Group, and its employees at Hilltop Retirement Village and Simblija Care Home, are pleased to be able to do their part by way of offering support and furthering exposure for these causes.”

The general public may donate to the LifeCycle through cash payments or cheques, big or small, addressed to “LifeCycle Foundation” at Hilltop Gardens, Triq Inkwina, Naxxar, or alternatively via Revolut transaction on 99329101.